Here is the place to learn a little about me, Suzi Davis, and my business Suzi Writes Copy.

But it’s not about me. It’s all about you and what I can do for your business. You probably want to know that my clients like working with me and that I’ve got a range of experience. But I think it’s more important to know that I’ll listen to you, dig deep into your business, and transform your website into an engaging customer magnet with a flick of the pen.

However, the most important thing you’ll want to know is that I’m affordable and easy to work with. I listen, question, and take the stress away from getting your website content sorted.

If I sound like your type of Copywriter, carry on reading.

About Me

Suzi Davis Copywriter

I work with businesses who aren’t sure what to say, how to say it or don’t have time to find the right words for their website

I turn the passion business owners have for their brands into words that excite and engage their audience. Words that convert readers into customers or nudge them over the line to find out more.

The power of words

Why Choose Me?

I’m an experienced Copywriter with bags of marketing experience who knows that the words on your website have a job to do. Over the years, I’ve written oodles of copy that help great companies to connect with their customers.

Here are the reasons my clients choose me.

  • I’m not a trained writer
    • You might think that’s a strange point to lead with, but I’m not a trained writer. I don’t have an English degree or a Journalism Diploma. Instead, I have years of experience understanding what’s important to customers and what makes them tick. And I use that learning to write warm, engaging conversational copy that’s simple to understand.

  • I‘m a people pleaser
    • I like to keep everyone happy, so I find the balance between what a business wants to say, what your customers want to read and what will keep Mr Google happy. The result is perfectly pitched copy that hits your goals.

  • I question everything
    • Work with me and be prepared to answer lots of questions. To write compelling copy, I need to dig deep into what makes you and your customers tick. The result is copy that truly reflects you and your business.

  • I love to write
    • I love to write, but I know that not everyone else has the time, skills or interest to put pen to paper, get their website copy in order or keep their blog pages regularly updated. I’ll take your copywriting jobs off your hands, leaving you free to concentrate on other areas of your business.

  • I’m affordable
    • Choosing to write your own website copy can turn into a time-consuming and costly exercise. Even if you have internal resource, there’ll be times when an extra pair of writing hands is needed. As a flexible external resource, I’ll take an objective outside view of your business and swiftly turn it into great copy. The result is a cost-effective copywriting solution for your business or clients.

A Little Bit About Me

I know. I said it’s about you, not me. But people buy from people, so here are a few bits and pieces about Suzi Davis; the Suzi beyond Suzi Writes Copy.

  • I live in and love the Norfolk Countryside, just outside Norwich. It’s a perfect spot and only 20 minutes from the sea. I moved here in 2014 after the hustle of Motorway life got too loud.

  • I own four children. Two teenage sons, a teenage daughter and a teenage cockapoo. 

  • I’m married to Alex, my Mr Miyagi. Alex is a Sales Coach driven to understand why people do what they do. As a result, he is full of inspiration that keeps me grounded.

  • I’m a yoga addict. It keeps me balanced, grateful and (mostly) in control.

Customer Love

Nothing speaks louder than words, so here’s what some of my customers say. To read more feedback, head to my Testimonials page.

I couldn’t recommend Suzi enough. I needed to get my website live, and being eloquent with words just isn’t really my thing, and I just kept putting it off. Suzi managed to interpret my rather vague brief and communicate what I needed to while somehow still feeling like it was me. She was a pleasure to work with.”

                       Leah Hallam | Freelance Graphic Designer and Wedding Photographer

It’s safe to say Suzi’s work is second to none. Her dedication, communication and professionalism shine. We’d highly recommend Suzi to anyone looking for a job well done.

                        Natalie O-Donoghue | Care Captains

How I Work

I work with small to medium sized businesses and marketing agencies to produce copy for their own or their customers websites. From new websites to regular blog content, if it involves words I can help. And once we start working together, I often become involved in writing for your other marketing channels such as emails or brochures.

If you’ve never worked with a Copywriter before this is a rough guide to how we’d start our journey:

Step 1: The scope

I charge a set fee for your project; to do this, we need to agree on the scope of work.

I’ll ask questions to make an accurate proposal. It’s best to do this over the phone, via zoom or email, but if you are local, it’s nice to meet up. I’ll need to know what the copy is for, the number of pages required and whether you have existing ideas or copy.

Step 2: Price and Proposal

Some jobs are simple and straightforward, and I can provide a quick quote. Others are more complex, and I’ll provide a more detailed proposal.

I include timescales, which are subject to availability and existing bookings. To ensure all my clients get the same attention, I never take on more than 5 clients at a time. As a result, my diary is usually booked at least a few weeks in advance.

Step 3: 50% payment upfront.

If you’d like to work together, I charge 50% up front, which secures your booking. If the project value is below £320, I invoice 100% upfront.

Step 4: Briefing

Depending on the scope and scale of the project we get down to some nitty gritty questions such as:

  • Who is your audience, and what are they looking for?
  • What are the marketing objectives?
  • What personality do you want to have?

Step 5: The writing cave

Once the initial payment is made and we’ve had our briefing conversations, I’ll disappear off the radar to my writing cave to research and write the first draft of your copy. I may have additional questions that can usually be addressed via email or a quick phone call.

Step 6: Drafts, amends and sign-off

Sometimes, we nail the copy in the first round. But I’ll always include up to 3 rounds of amends. We’ll have a chat about timescales as I appreciate it can take time to review copy.

If more than six weeks goes by after a draft or final copy is sent, I’ll assume you are happy with it and invoice the final amount.

Step 7: Contended Clients

I ask all my clients for a testimonial that I can include on my website and social channels. Nothing beats a good recommendation.

Find Out More

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